Long and deep satisfaction


Friday night at the beach house was quiet. Outside the waves lapped the sand and whispered a sweet melody of solitude. I knew I would be alone and dreaded it. You were miles away in Fort Worth, while I was here essentially losing my worth. On a long stroll by the water, gazing up at the moonlight, I thought of you. What were you doing now, I wondered, and were you also dwelling on our last meeting when things got heated and we ravaged each other, biting sheets and drilling deep? My hardness had pressed home again and again, taking you to the outer limits of orgasmic pleasure. Feeling my length hardening in my tiny swimsuit that wouldn’t be able to hold it for long, I spontaneously decided to go for a run in the sand, just me and my speedo, bouncing up and down as I ran.

This was not good. All I could think about was the time when my tongue was on your smooth skin, licking you from head to toe and pausing in between. You loved the pause in between. So did I, my wet tongue diving in your folds and enjoying every sweet drop of you as my hands spread your thighs wider. Then my meat, fresh and ravaging, drove deep into your core as I lifted your hips up to meet me and you dipped your head back over and over in rhythm with every thrust.

Damn, lady. You are the hottest woman I know, and then some. I was so horny and wanted you so badly. I had to have you. Right there on the beach. Behind the private shadow of a palm tree, I relieved my massive bulge, whipping it out and giving my raging hardness some fresh air. With a grip around the girth, I closed my eyes and thought of your body, your gorgeous hair, the stars in your eyes when we last recklessly attacked each other and came in orgasmic bursts of elation. Oh fuck.. oh… But it was getting late, and I wanted to call you at your hotel immediately, to finish in front of you what I had started here, so pulling up my speedo back over my raging hardness, I ran quickly back to the house.

Approaching the house, I paused. The lights were on in the living room! You had come back! Running up the wooden porch, I burst through the door and found you on the couch, half naked wearing only a blouse, already in the passionate process of pleasuring yourself.  Apparently great minds think alike! When you saw me come in, you gasped and closed your legs with your hand still on your sex. You watched me for a second with surprise that I had come back so early, but then you smiled and bit your lip, satisfied at what you saw when you looked down. I smiled down at you as I watched with lustful moaning.

Slipping off my speedo, the raging hardness freed, you opened your legs again, this time inviting me in.

“Get over here!” you demanded.

Complying quickly, I slid down to you and scooped my arms around you, kissing you deep and long and wet-tongued. Not wanting to lose momentum, you reached for my shaft and drove it hard into your already fully wet warmth. We both gasped and shuddered as it entered.

This was going to be one Friday night I’ll never forget!



Indulging our cravings


Darling, after a long day in the sun, when we retired to the studio beach house, it was finally only us and our lustful cravings. How we longed to nibble and indulge in the sensuous buffet of our sexual desires spread before us. As you laid back slowly on the mattress, you lifted your arms back above your head and watched me with longing submissive eyes. I smiled and blew you a kiss, a slow pucker with soft eyes and a seductive spark. Removing my speedo trunks brought out my towering hardened length that had been pressing against fabric on the beach for far too long. Now you were all mine, and I was going to enjoy you, every sensual bit by delicious bit. On my knees beside you, I opened your shirt, freeing your breasts. My eyes took you all in, relishing your hard nubs that reached for me, begging me to come and dine.


Then my hands, warm and strong on your smooth skin, slid down your breasts, your ribs, your belly. You closed your eyes and moaned hard as heat emanated from the fiery touch of my fingers on your body. More of my touch and you were immediately thrust into greater heights of pleasure. All you could think about now was how it was going to feel when my length filled your insides with heavy warmth and thickness, long slow and deep, oh so deliciously deep, and you spread wider to invite me in as deep as humanly possible, and your orgasm would follow with a burst of convulsing, gasping, and screaming my name over and over until you could hardly hold in the dam bursting and blasting and ingesting my fluid and oh.. oh.. was this happening? Now? You opened your eyes to find that my fingers, hot to the touch, had already slipped down your panties and found your pleasure, indulging your every desire.




Chasing you wet



In the bright afternoon sun, your tanned skin glistened in oil and water as you stepped from the pool. The trade winds brought a delightfully warm breeze that ruffled palm trees and teased your hair, gently blowing it away from your face, revealing your slender neck, slim shoulders, and pillowy breasts beneath your blue string bikini that made my heart thump wildly.

As I lay on the reclining chair by the pool, I watched you intently, my gaze fixed on your lovely tantalizing features: your sexy midriff, your smoothly curvy hips and thighs, and of course what the bikini bottoms could barely cover up. Lying in my skin-tight speedo, my bulge grew larger and thicker, filling the nylon spandex to full, stretching it, pressing into it, like a trapped snake longing to be released into the wild.

You looked across the pool deck at me and licked your lips flirtatiously, longing to get a hold of what your eyes were feasting on, desiring to enjoy yourself. As you turned your back to me, facing the pool, you reached back and pulled the drawstring of your bikini top, letting it drop. Then you slipped the tiny string bikini thong below your waist, revealing your cheeks full and round. Just before you dove into the water completely naked, you glanced back and eyed me with a sensually lust-filled gaze.

As I watched you swim to the end and back, I stepped up to the edge of the pool, the growth in my speedo now at full force. I had to have you, my lover. When you swam to the edge, you lifted yourself out of the water with one hand, and with the other hand, you yanked on my speedo with a burst of playful laughter. I feigned defeat and fell into the water with a splash. Underwater, you were all over me, tearing at my speedo and wrestling it from its hold on my heavy bulge. When it was finally free, my beefcake lifted like a staff in the water and immediately your lips were around the head, your hand controlling the shaft, as you pleasured my pleasure.

After some time, I didn’t know how long and didn’t care, you burst through the surface with a smile, took a breath, and went down for seconds. From under water, you must have heard my muffled moan that tore across the empty pool deck in an echo. It was my first underwater blow job, and you were having at it, making every second count. Fuck, I would have burst into your mouth if you hadn’t let up.

Luckily, I held back from exploding so I could lay my hands on you and spin you around. With an orgasmic gasp, you let me take your hips and reach with my hand between your legs, warming you up, finding your pleasure spot and pleasing you. My fingers slid inside you, making you writhe and beg for my heavy stiffness that you had your mouth around only moments ago.

Please… please… you begged, convulsing in orgasmic anticipation. Finally I brought up the beast and drove it home, sliding it in deep, letting it fill you, squeezing all the way in. Holding the edge of the pool, you gasped again, panted, writhed, again and again, pressing back on me as I rode you long and hard and deep through every splash and wave that we ourselves were making.



Tongues on fire

Slim model in red bikini

Coming out of the ocean at a jogging pace, I hurried up to where you were lying on the sand. You had waved for me to come back in from the water and see you immediately, so I didn’t delay. What was wrong, I asked? Horny as fuck, was your only explanation. As we were the only ones on the beach that morning, I could understand. You must have been warming up while I was out on the waves. I laughed and slid down next to you on the sand, scooping you into my arms. My tongue found yours almost immediately and you lathered my mouth with passion and heat, your fingers raking through the hair on the back of my head and pulling it into you, digging your tongue into mine hard, wanting with fervent desire. Fuck me, you were hotter than the sun on the sand.

With shallow breaths and kissing that wanted nothing more than everything, you attacked my bathing trunks, sliding them below my hips and reveling in my massive stiffness that flopped out swinging like a bat. As you continued your tongue excavation on my tonsils, your hand wrapped around my girth and pumped my full length. I let a deep moan escape into your mouth as you pumped me and primed me for penetration.

To take things a bit slower, I grinned mischievously into your eyes, licking my lips slowly and flirtatiously. Let me pleasure you, darling. Please. I beg you. It began with a simple touch of the tip of my tongue on your wanting skin, sending goose bumps all over your lustful body. Then gliding my tongue down your center, past the cleavage of your luscious breasts, I paused to lick and tease your hard nubs. Then with just the tip on your abdomen, I trailed slowly past your lovely navel, making you squirm in anticipation.

With teeth like a shark, I untied your string bikini bottoms on one side, while you helped untie the other. Sliding them down, you revealed your finely trimmed delicacy that I was now face to face with. Unhurriedly, the warmth of my lips spread light and gentle kisses over your outer and protruding labia, slowly along the length of your valley and toward your vagina. As I enjoyed every scrumptious kiss, you ran your fingers through my hair playfully. More kisses followed, pressing slightly and more firmly, moving my lips over your swollen aching arousal, across slowly, up and down, just the way you like it. Mm, baby, I love feasting on your delicious lips.

Then my tongue began its pleasure cruise, forcing its way between your inner lips to your place of your orgasmic bliss. Taking each side of your labia between my lips, I sucked them as if they were chocolate morsels and candy icing. Finally, with your juices about to burst, I forced my tongue deep into your palace of pleasure, producing in you convulsion and writhing, your legs lifting up as I penetrated deep. Your hands gripped my hair tightly as you exploded in orgasmic screams over and over, releasing your liquid delight.

Finally I felt the tension in your entire body deflate as you settled back down to the sand. You were still panting, still horny, still wanting. That was when you looked up and watched me with a smile as I held your hips, opening your legs and hoisting my rock solid length deep into your warmth, fulfilling your indulgence.

Stimulating urges


As nearby ocean waves become erotic background whispers, my hands, strong and warm, massage oil into your smooth luscious back. Up and down both sides, coddling your glowing skin, stroking long and deep and sensuous and oh so good….. You close your eyes and feel my hands, like conduits of sexual energy, finger tips that seduce your skin with every lovely touch. Both of us fully naked produces in us the stimulating urges we desire as my hands knead and press.

Lower my strong hands slide, up over your curves and rubbing in oil into your round cheeks. The touch of your delicious ass in the palms of my hands triggers my thickness that had been hanging heavy and low to rise with hardened pleasure. Lower we go, my hands bringing the oil, thick and lathered, all along your thighs and lower legs. Then it’s back up to the cheeks where my palms apply pressure but where my fingers titillate your wetness between your legs.

You moan hard and long as my thumbs spread you open and then return to the massage, teasing and enticing you to open your legs further. Soon one hand reaches below and finds you there, wet and wanting and willing. My fingers play and stimulate your sexual heat, finally entering and firing you up. Slow at first, long smooth strokes. Then faster and more urgent, driving you home. You bite the sheet and gasp as your hips gyrate against my pleasure touch.

As I touched you, my left hand was busy, stroking my hardened length with massage oil that slickened it good. At the sight of your heat rising, I brought up the bulbous tip and placed it strategically, letting it stimulate your entrance until you are panting and moaning and needing this bad.

Pressing it inside, I slide into position between your legs and allow half the shaft to fill your walls. You cry out and grasp the sheet, gripping as my hardness penetrates deeper and longer. Oh, deeper, you cry. Yes, deeper! Fucking harder, you cry! Together we meet with rhythmic flow, my slick penetrater filling and withdrawing, hard and soft strokes of a long sensual dance that leaves us both breathless for more. With the shaft in to the hilt, then back out, and then all the way in again, my hands hold your round hips and pump you to me, driving and thrusting with your screams and tossing of your sweaty hair.

When it is over and we climax as one powerful geyser, my hands return to where they started, massaging your back with sensual intentions.



Tenderly I gazed into your loving eyes, my heart searing its message of pulse-racing adoration deep into your soul. I wanted to kiss you, to devour your full lips with the essence of mine, to draw our desires into one, blissfully and rhythmically.

Tenderly my mouth covered yours, our lips opening to receive tongues washing and mingling pleasure and fantasy. My hand held your cheek as my tongue pressed insistently into yours with heart-gripping sensuality. You moaned as pleasure escaped your lips and saturated places on your lovely body that burned with fire.

Tenderly I nibbled on your ear, causing goose bumps to find their way over every lovely curve of your luscious body.

Tenderly I held you in the water, holding your hips above my length, lowering you down, entering slowly and intentionally. You gasped as you felt my heat, my fullness rising, my manhood at full mast.

Tenderly I licked your neck as our hips swayed in rhythmic impulsion, as you drove me further in, as you lunged over me with vigorous seduction. I could taste your pleasure forever and as long as it took, my lips would feast upon your smooth skin, every single inch of you, my love, the object of my affections. Come with me. Come with me now!

Tenderly I consumed your breast in my warm mouth, licking your nub and tonguing your treat. Darling, lift your knees for my deeper entrance as I devour both of your velvety mountains of indulgence. Feel me all the way in as you hang in the water, impaled over my full mast. Clench one, clench two, clench inside, clench over my fullness that fills your walls. Again and again until I blast off, taking you on a ride of orgasmic proportions, feeling you tighten your abs and drive your hips, taking me all the way in to the hilt.

Tenderly we calm down, our bodies subsiding. I kiss your lips as you melt over me, your lips kissing back, your tongue flickering gently over mine. My hands slid down over your curves below the cleft of your lower back as yours massaged my tender bulbous softness. Not long, my love, until we consume each other again with longing and lust and tender affection.



Ravishing desire


Blame it on our afternoon dip in high tide. The waves were crashing hard onto the beach but we waded further out until we were submersed in neck-deep sea water and could avoid the crests. As we tread water together far from the shore, you were feeling frisky and latched onto the front of my bathing trunks, yanking me over to you so that our hips bumped hard. You must have felt my already rock-hard beast thump against your vagina as our hips met, but you weren’t phased. In response, your hand opened my bathing suit and your other hand descended inside like a diver seeking treasure and gold. As the palm of your hand raked down and back up my full length, we kissed hard, our tongues pressing and dancing in delicious sway. My hand followed suit and found your saturated warmth beneath your bikini bottoms. Together our hands and tongues worked in sync to bring us both to peak arousal with moaning and groaning and panting.

But that was hardly where it ended. Before long, we were heading back to the beach house to wash off the salt water and get ready for our separate evenings that we were planning to spend in the boring company of others. Since we knew our time was short, we stripped each other of our bathing suits almost as soon as we walked in the door, unable to contain the spark that had been lit between us out in the ocean, and crushed our mouths to each other.

Before we even made it to the shower, my lips were trailing languidly down your smooth neck, tasting the salt on your body, and you were drawing me over to the leather couch with seductive and lustful intentions. When we got to the couch, you practically threw me onto my back in a seated position so that you could have a full view of my massive hard staff that you were dying to ride.

With one hand on the stick shift, you straddled me and guided me home, driving your hips slowly down over me, letting me fill you all the way in. As your hands pulled at the back of my neck, you arched your head back and your breasts crushed to my chest. I tongued the hollow of your throat, enjoying your moans and orgasmic thrusts, my pulsating arousal increasing with each drive. My lips found your pebbling breasts and feasted with hungry pleasure as your hips gyrated in rhythm to my wildly beating heart. You were close to your threshold of explosion. As was I. As if kicking it into higher gear, we increased our pace, our ravishing desire, our driving force, again and again and again until .. until.. oh yes, until.. detonation from us both rocked our worlds and shot forth like colors blasting through a black and white film.

And then we were panting, lying on top of each other, breathing in each other’s scent, petting and tenderly kissing. A shower seemed appropriate but neither of us wanted to move, clinging to each other, waiting for nothing in particular, but reveling in the aura of love that surrounded us there.